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Sunday, November 13, 2011


Things we would do differently next time (this would be next lifetime since we're getting a little old for major changes now)--put all doors and windows on the east side of the building. That way, when the wind gusts (always from the west) over 50 mph (frequently enough) and the double flaps on the doggy door go horizontal as the maelstrom boils in (very cold maelstrom too) we wouldn't have to rig the rube goldburg contraption pictured above. This year's version of our doggy air lock tunnel features hay bales, plastic sheeting, an old door, a second freestanding doggy flap, a window, and lots of weights (bricks, cinder blocks, rocks, etc) formed into an elegant bow designed to allow the dogs free access to the yard while keeping the wind out. One day we'll get the kinks worked out, and we'll mount something permanent (and cosmetically appealing.)

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