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Mountain Gardens--finding success with plants for the high desert and East Mountains of New Mexico


Landscape Walk-Through

Although the nursery has closed, Aly is still available to advise. Call her at 505 506-0881. On the walk through, we visit your garden and offer help with gardening problems.We may identify mystery plants (almost always), and recommend plants suitable for your growing environment. We might discuss your soil and ways to amend it. We can make suggestions about why certain plants don't make it. Topics are up to you. We spend about an hour during the visit. We'll probably take photos (mostly to jog our memory later), and maybe we'll take some measurements to mull over a design issue. We'll send an email with plant recommendations, and a brief recap of our suggestions, but we recommend that you take notes during the walk. If you live in the Cedar Crest/Tijeras area, the service fee is $25.00


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