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Monday, August 20, 2012

Plant Lover

Roots of perennial switchgrass. Photo courtesy of the Land Institute http://www.landinstitute.org

I had my granddaughter today, and she molded moonsand on one side of the bench, and I seeded, plucked and potted on the other. She was in a little bit of a snit after trying unsuccessfully to draw me into play, and was only waiting me out as I had promised to make chocolate cake if she let me finish my seeding.

"Why do you love plants so much, anyway?" she asked with some exasperation. I went on at length about the benefits we garner from plants--life itself, et al. She immediately confided that she loved plants too. I said that maybe she'd take over the business one day when I got old. With the irrefutable logic of the five year old, she said I was already old...

I do love plants--for all the usual esthetic reasons, but also because when I am truly old (!), I want there to be a world worth living in for my grandchildren--and I'm convinced that plants are the road to that future. Roots are the rivers into our increasingly despoiled soils, carrying moisture down, providing food for the "millions" that build our soils, and for the billions above. Without plants there is no life. And no chocolate.


  1. for that world worth living in, it encourages me to see the next and next generations being taught how to make it happen. Ludwig Taschner of Ludwig's Roses here in South Africa wrote about his grandson. Little boy had heard about pruning roses, so off he went and tried, and the proud grandpa show the sprouting rosebush later!

  2. As long as you are working and giving you shall never be 'truly old". Don't we learn so much from our grandchildren? They give us reason to live. Lovely post.

  3. If all of us plant-lovers were to start using the "no plants, no life, no chocolate" line, climate change would be addressed a lot more urgently! When I was little my Mom had me help in the vegetable garden--it really does sink in after a while.

    Greetings from ABQ. Funny that I found you via Diana from South Africa!

  4. I totally agree with your philosophy--particularly the chocolate part! Thanks for sharing that little moment full of wisdom shared with your granddaughter.