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Monday, August 6, 2012

Fresh Produce!

I love this time of year, picking tomatoes, lettuce, beans, and cukes for dinner. We haven't had popcorn for dinner in weeks! The cukes and tomatoes are flavorful, thin skinned, not bitter. Last year I fed every cucumber to the chickens! Stirred the green beans with onion and a splash of white wine--yum! I especially like the lettuce, Nevada Green Summer Crisp. It's stayed crisp and sweet, no sign of bolting despite the heat. Down to the last one. I started some more on the heat mat, and hopefully will have some to share at Mountain Gardens with the fall veggie gardeners. I got my seed from Johnny's, and sure hope it's still available.

Bought the chicken--something got one of my birds
this week, but it wasn't us.

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