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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pre-sprouting Experiment Continues

    The corn is almost two feet tall, so we pressed on with our pre-sprouting trial. Put turnips, radishes, and two kinds of snap beans on the heat mat, and in a few days the seeds were sprouting, turnips first. Started transplanting them at about an inch.Also did some radishes. They all did well, then things got crazy--a couple of days without watering--the inevitable. Lost at least half the seedlings. Still had lots on the heat mat., but they were way overgrown--most of the turnips and radishes were over two inches, and very fragile. The beans all looked good. Went out today and put all in the garden with fingers crossed. Off the next couple of days so hopefully the new seedlings won't get neglected!
   Picked the first kohlrabi and made a very tasty slaw for dinner. Am increasingly impressed with the kohlrabi. It's tough in cold or heat, fast to mature, adds a pretty touch in purple or green, bugs don't seem to care for it, and it's versatile in the kitchen. I also like it sliced for a bit of crunch in salad, or in stir fry. Going to try a puree next.
   The garden looks great overall. Ahhh, zucchini.

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