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Friday, July 6, 2012

More Bugs!

Harlequin & squash bugs have joined the host of aphids and flea beetles that have been plaguing my garden. They're easier to deal with--the adults are difficult to kill with sprays, so this is one of those times the organic approach works better. I spent an hour dropping them into a bucket of soapy water. Then I combed through my squash looking for eggs. Only found a few squash bug eggs, but there were plenty of eggs of the Harlequin stink bug (most of what's floating in the bucket).

Both bugs feed on veggie foliage, leaving telltale white blotches and wilting leaves.
Squash bug eggs

Harlequin stink bug eggs.

After the carnage, I sprayed the garden with Garlic Barrier, an OMRI product I've heard a lot about and am trying this summer. Don't expect much regarding the squash bugs, but am hopeful about the aphids. Will post if it's effective.

Recommendations for squash bugs include good end of season sanitation--clean up so the bugs don't overwinter in garden debris.

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