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Friday, February 17, 2012

Conservation Seedling Program

A blog or two back, I wrote about the Ptelea trifoliata, the native hoptree and just discovered this great tree/shrub is offered by the Forestry service through its Conservation Seedlings program. Alyson was checking out the new lists because we're going to put in an extensive windbreak, and this program is the most economical way to plant a large variety of trees for anyone who doesn't need a mature planting.

The program is open to New Mexico residents who own at least one acre, and who will use the trees for conservation. There are several options including bareroot plants--the most economical, or one or two-year old potted seedlings.

The minimum order is 50 bareroot trees, 25 per a particular species (ex: 25 bur oak & 25 hackberry) for $47.00. The greatest variety of trees is in the one year old seedlings with almost 50 species offered. Shrubs like chamisa, four wing saltbush, and fernbush are included in the list. The minimum order is 49 plants of the same species for $59.00.

The two year old seedlings only offer nine species, but the minimum order is only 20 trees (all one species) for $50.00

The service also has mixed packages for a number of areas.  For example the Pinon-Juniper package has 49 plants and includes 5 species.

Many of the plants are natives like buffaloberry, New Mexico privet, pinon, ponderosa, and false indigo. These  natives are easier to establish, and will require a lot less maintenance after they are established. But there are some non-natives too, like the well adapted Scotch pine, lilac, and Nanking cherry. There are also plants in the mixed packages suited to riparian zones with plants like the Rio Grande Cottonwood and several willows.

Seedlings may be ordered online at www.nmforestry.com. Ordering will continue until April; for best selection, don't delay.

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