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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


 Yes, this aeonium is really big, bigger than a basketball in this case. There are many kinds of aeonium, some big, some small. I got mine in California where they grow outside and send up a huge clustered flower. I'm still waiting for mine (either cultivar) to bloom, but in the meantime, the foliage stands alone. I've potted up a few babies. Like the jade below, they root easily from stem cuttings.

The jade also grows outside in California where its often used as a flowering hedge, but like all the plants these last blogs have featured, they can't take our freezes. If taken out in the summer, they should be protected from high wind, and may suffer from our high altitude sunlight. A little shade at hign noon please!

I've used my pineapple tops for years to start new plants. I leave about a half inch of fruit when I cut the tops away, and firmly settle the top in a pot of soil. Keep evenly moist but not sopping wet or they'll rot. They will also root in water if you're patient. Keep the water fresh.

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