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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Winners Are...

We had our drawing yesterday, and Susana came in to help pull the winning raffle tickets. We're waiting for everyone to claim their prizes (and get permission) before we identify the lucky winners. We raised over $100 to help Susana replace her art materials (or whatever else, of course) destroyed in the fire (see previous posts).

We also judged and awarded gift certificates for some container plantings. At the beginning of the season, we planted 14 pots for the merchants in Turquoise Trail Plaza. After discussing things with our landlord's executive assistant, we decided to invite the merchants to 'adopt a pot.' They would each be responsible for the planter outside their shops, and at the end of (our) season, the best looking pot would earn the winner a gift certificate to Mountain Gardens. And the winners arrrrrre....

1st Place--Judy Breedlove at Cedar Crest Fitness.
Judy actually had three pots to keep up with which tipped the balance in her favor. But the pot right next door looked so good that we decided to award a second certificate to.....

 2nd Place--Ambrose Rivera at Village Guitarist
                     Congratulations on a job well done.

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