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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Sale !

It's the middle of the season--time to move out the veggies and annuals in 4" pots. The veggies are 50% off. It's not too late to put some tomatoes in a 5 gallon pot--easy to bring in for the next hail storm, or carry a few weeks longer at the end of the season. And folks are still replacing cukes, eggplant and others that have been cooked by this unusual heat and dryness--hopefully just in time for the monsoon.

We still have lots of petunias, snaps and pansies. These cool weather lovers like our chilly nights, and will go through the whole season if they're given some shade. Among the old favorites that your grandmother used to love, we have nicotiana, stock, cosmos, dame's rocket, and four kinds of annual poppies. There's still some lobelia, marigold, coleus, zinnia, and others. The annuals are 30% off.

The pond class went very well. We were surprised--every one of the attendees already had a pond! Like everything else in the garden, ponds are suffering. With high temperatures, and no rain, water evaporates faster, and it heats up fast too which stresses plants and fish. Algae has been a problem for everyone including us. We're looking for golden orfe's to tackle some of that algae. We had an old clawfoot bathtub set up as a water feature to demonstrate the ease of today's small pump/filters. Wink built a copper gooseneck to trickle water into the tub. When we get finished painting it, and the plants are installed, it will be a beautiful, whimsical addition to someone's garden--cowboy bathing anyone? Towel's on that branch...

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